Comprehensive system integrator with intelligent IT and engineering expertise, providing integrated «turn-key» solutions

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Key vendors

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Annual turnover managed by CRVT.PRO team


Engineers on board

lines of business


Full cycle of turnkey IT and engineering systems implementation


Project management and technical supervision


Technical audit, support and maintenance

Comprehensive approach at all stages of implementation - technical audit, design, assistance in state expert review, author supervision, procurement, construction and installation works, warranty support and maintenance.

CRVT.PRO approach

CRVT.PRO approach

CRVT.PRO has unique expertise in IT and engineering systems. The main asset of the Company is our experienced team. Its track record accounts for hundreds of successfully implemented projects over the past 18 years.

CRVT.PRO philosophy:

Client receives the most up-to-date solution, thought out for many years ahead and optimized in terms of price/quality ratio

CRVT.PRO acts as a consultant at all stages from forming the idea, designing and 3D-modelling, developing the technical solutions, supporting and coordinating

CRVT.PRO carries out designing and implementation of the «own» systems with internal workforces, involving subcontractors only in the limited list of subsidiary operations

Our key advantage is the successful long-term experience in implementing complex federal projects

Competencies of CRVT.PRO are confirmed by high partner statuses with key vendors, ISO certificates (27001, 9001) and certificates of SRO, MES of Russia, etc.